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Vehicle Tracking Simplified
Key Features

JayTrack VTS is a web-based vehicle tracking system that provides live tracking of your vehicles on computer screen. The system works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thereby enabling you to keep a hawk’s eye on your valuable mobile assets, i.e. your fleet on digital maps. Thus, your vehicles remain in front of your eyes irrespective of wherever they go.

JayTrack VTS works through a combination of a wide spectrum of innovative and advanced GPS (Global positioning system), GPRS (General packet radio service) and GIS (Geographic information system) based technology platforms to provide you with the most precise vehicle tracking.

Once you become our valued customer a certified, technology proven GPS vehicle tracking unit is installed in your vehicle by our trained installation personnel. This unit receives signals sent from GPS satellites orbiting the earth. The GPS device captures these signals and transmits them to JayTrack’s secured central data management and analysis server. With the password protected account on our website www.Jaytrack.com, you can enjoy the benefits of live vehicle tracking, historical tracking, a wide range of MIS reports and generation of event-alerts as per your interests.

JayTrack VTS, with the help of its accurate, reliable and easily accessible and up to date location information, has proven to be a cost cutting system that helps companies save money by increasing operational efficiency and minimizing fuel and maintenance costs for the entire fleet. This simplifies fleet management for your organization.